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Cách chơi rouletteWe have just designed and printed these beautiful corporate brochures and informative inserts for our client Chayora. Chayora focus on building data centre platforms in China are presenting at the Pacific Telecommunications Council (PTC) event in Hawaii this month. They needed some professional and effective marketing collateral to distribute during this event and any future ones.

The general company brochure has been designed with a pocket to hold any inserts, as well as having a slot to hold business cards.

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We have been instructed to design and supply several items of Stationery for Martello Wealth Management, including business cards, letter heads and with compliment slips.
Martello specialise in providing high quality personal advice on all aspects of wealth management along with other services.
Cách chơi roulette We have redesigned the Martello logo to fit in with their professional outlook.

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We have recently finished designing and producing the latest Upstream newsletter for our customer?. Every year Incentive send out two versions of this newsletter to keep their clients up to date with all things Incentive. The newsletter features topics such as contract wins and business updates from the Managing Directors of each Incentive Company, such as SWC their window cleaning business and Lynx their security business. As well as this, the newsletters also feature updates in Charity, sports and learning and development.
To view all past editions of this newsletter please click?.
If you are interested in brochure design for your company and would like to discuss the options we have available for you, then please get in touch by emailing?charles@net72.co.uk, or call the net72 head office on?+44 20 7940 5503.
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Cách chơi rouletteOver the last week our team has been working with Incentive Lynx Security to create a new sales and marketing brochure that they can hand out to customers as a leave behind after site visits and meetings.

Incentive FM Group have been a client of ours since early 2008 and the in house style has been subtly tweaked and developed over the years.

The brochure below positions Incentive Lynx Security as an independent security specialist and outlines a number of their key clients, such as the Leadenhall Building and MidCity Place in London. The document outlines their service offerings and promotes them as a very professional outfit.

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Booklet Design of the July Taster case notes for Waud Wine Club Limited, this Tri Nations edition consists of some of the best wines from Australia, New Zealand & South Africa.

The Waud Wine Club is the result of many jovial social gatherings and an increasing fascination of wine within the Waud family and its extended network of friends.
Many of our growers produce fantastic wines in small quantities and will never get them to Waitrose, Majestic or the Sunday Times Wines Club.

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Our long standing client Chayora, who are developing a series of hyperscale, fully licensed data centre campuses in key locations across China, commissioned net72 to design and print a new brochure to promote the launch of their first site in Tianjin.

Cách chơi rouletteThis is a very exciting time for Chayora, who have been forging important partnerships in recent years with major corporations in the Western world, who realise the importance of having a presence in China.

Our team worked directly with Chayora’s marketing consultants to ensure that all of the marketing collateral was on point with the brand guidlines – and delivered the project on time and on budget.


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pages Mainspring Brochure

Our new client, Mainspring Fund Services, instructed us to design and print a series of brochures for the different parts of their business. Mainspring’s main sectors include Private Equity, Venture Capital and Custody & Nominee – and they require corporate brochures for each of these areas.

We worked with their management team to come up with the design and content, before arranging the brochure to be printed to be delivered in time for the Spring client drinks party.

Cách chơi rouletteWe are working with Mainspring essentially as their external marketing department, as we are helping them during an exciting expansion phase of their business.

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Cách chơi roulettenet72 look after all Waud Wines marketing requirements. This has included creating various brands, websites, stationary, corporate and investment brochures and social media over the past 6 years.

Cách chơi rouletteThe core of the Waud Wines offering has been the Waud Wine Club – their private members organisation for their 200 or so members. The members receive themed mixed taster cases three times a year. In their mixed case, they have a hard copy booklet.

These comprehensive tasting notes display the wines, the prices, the grape varieties, the tasting notes and suggested food matches. The tasting notes are eductational, but written in a way that isn’t too stuffy!

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Cách chơi rouletteNet72 is a full service online and offline marketing agency that specialises in helping organisations improve their communications with visitors, staff and clients.

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