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Cách chơi rouletteVery pleased to reveal that the Incentive FM Group ‘Ops Manual’ is now available for all Incentive users of the staff portal.

Cách chơi rouletteThe Ops Manual features all kinds?of documentation including: Policies, Reports, Certificates, User guides, procedures and much much more, these documents are?simply downloaded to your PC through clicking the ‘Download’ button and will appear in Excel, Word & PDF? format – whichever is best suited.

A lot of work has gone into reviewing each document within every section of the manual.?Ensuring each document?is as relevant, and up to date as it can be for the benefit of the user.

Incentive employee’s can access the new Manual and take a look at whats new via the staff portal – simply use your personal login details.

We’ve had some really positive feedback about ?this new system, and how it is streamlining certain processes.?As we’ve introduced easily adaptable templates, meaning all documents across the group are up to the correct standards, capturing the right data and above all saves time of user. Therefore giving them more time to focus on other areas of their role.

Cách chơi rouletteIncentive Employee’s can take a look at your brand new Ops manual following the Link:


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